Look Cool and Stay Cool with a Custom Awing or Canopy

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Custom sewn awnings

Having a beautifully custom sewn awning for your business is a great step to making your shop look classy and inviting, as well as providing shade and protection from rain for your customers. An awning will outline your business, giving it that extra boost of color to look for attractive to the casual window shopper. At Denver Tent Company, we specialize in custom made awnings of all kind.

1943 Cover Back of Brochure - Look Cool and Stay Cool with a Custom Awing or Canopy

1943 Brochure

A brief history of the awning

Denver Tent Company has been making awnings since 1890, but we were certainly not the first. The awning itself dates all the way back to the ancient Egyptians. Back then they weren’t just called “woven matts” that would protect market stalls and homes. But, perhaps the most historically notable awning was the velarium (“curtain”) seen in Roman times. This was a massive and complex structure that was created to provide shade to all the spectators in the Colosseum, although, the most important function of the velarium was to create a nice updraft and a nice cool breeze when attending events at the Colosseum.

Velarium - Look Cool and Stay Cool with a Custom Awing or Canopy

Note the velarium, aka awning, in the background at the Colosseum

Protect your business and your home with a quality awning or canopyvmv - Look Cool and Stay Cool with a Custom Awing or Canopy

Today, business and home owners across the globe use retractable awnings to help control the weather and protect their home or business. If you need an awning to cover outdoor seating, studies have shown that an awning or canopy can make it about 20 degrees cooler, and that’s not just for those who are seated outside. Awnings and canopies prevent the sun from shining directly through your windows, keeping the temperature cooler inside as well. This is great for you, your family, your employees, your customers, and your furniture, as continued sunlight will quickly fade carpet and other fabrics in your store or home.

Denver Tent Company Custom Awnings

We used to be called Denver Tent & Awnings, so you can trust us when it comes to quality custom sewn awnings. We can even add a logo or a custom design to help advertise for your business. Whatever your awning needs, we either have it in stock, or we can work with your to design an awning that meets your exact specifications, from fabric to shape and size. Call us today!

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