Lock your door and go Rooftop Camping

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Move over glamping, there’s a new trend in town. Literally. Brooklyn based artist Thomas Stevenson has started a new social experiment, combining it with his sculptural art, focusing on what happens when people come together to occupy the same space. The project is called “Bivouac”, a term used by soldiers or mountaineers to describe a temporary camp without tents or cover.

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Camping under the city sky

What Sevenson has done is set up camp on rooftops in the middle of the bustling city. Campers sign up for just one night, from 6pm to 9am, where they show up with their sleeping bags, blankets, pillows and food to share with all their new friends. Tents will be provided, but other than that you are basically roughing it, just like you would if you had travelled into the woods or the mountains to set up camp. It’s a great way for city folk to sleep under the stars for one night, while still being able to make it to work the next morning. Of course, there is no shower, so you may want to swing by home before heading to the office.

A new way of connecting to new people

Campers know better than anyone that you relate to people in a different way when you are taken out of your own home and surroundings and placed with a group of strangers in the wilderness, or on a rooftop. The way we talk to each other in the dark, lit only by the stars and the moon in the sky is a lot different that we interact with people at home or at the office. Camping is  a great way to get out of your comfort zone and meet people you would normally never take the time to talk to. Who know’s. Your next BFF could be just a tent away.

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The Best Canvas Wall Tents and Camping Equipment

There are many ways to camp, reconnect with yourself and the people around you, meet new friends and explore new things. Whether it’s on a rooftop, your garden, deep in the forest or high up in the mountains, there is nothing better than turning off your cell phone and getting back to nature, if only for one night. If you want to get a way and sleep under the stars, Denver Tent Company has the best canvas wall tents, sportsmen tents and camping equipment for all your camping needs. Made right here in Colorado, our tents have stood the test of time. A Denver Tent is an investment for you and your families future camping adventures. Our tents are built to last and are passed on from generation to generations. Start your camping traditions today, with a quality tent from the Denver Tent Company.

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