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More than just a tent company

There are a have a million reasons to throw a party this summer, and Colorado’s many gorgeous outdoor venues are the perfect back drop to your celebration. But despite a perfect sunny, blue sky day, every party needs a place to cool down. That’s why we at Denver Tent don’t just provide quality tents to extreme outdoor sportsmen, we also use our fantastic constructionist and skilled sewers to provide quality pop up tents and awnings for just these special get togethers with family and friends.
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The Pop Ups and the Party Canopy

Outdoor venues are great and offer plenty of space that most of us don’t have in our backyard – if we even have a backyard – but a park or field or courtyard usually don’t offer up a lot of shade, unless you want all of your guests to stand around the edges, up against bushes, fighting for that one shady spot by the trees. So why not invest in a Denver Tent Company Pop Up or a Party Canopy. They are the perfect fit to any outdoor gathering to keep things cool on a hot day. Our product is built to last, so this is an investment for life, and let’s face it, there are a million different times in one’s life that you need (or want) to throw a party. Investing in a quality party tent will quickly pay for itself when it gets used again and again. Not only will they last, but they are lightweight and easy to pack up and carry, should your party go a little further than your own back yard. We have a large inventory, so you can walk out with your pop up tent today, or you can have it custom made to fit your needs. A pop up tent isn’t just for parties, it can be a year round fixture in your garden, providing a little shade all year round.
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Tents for any occasion

For once-in-a-lifetime celebrations we also offer a number of tents big enough to fit all of your closest friends and family. The same goes for the company summer parties, where you will want to keep everyone gathered in one place, but still have it big enough so that people can mingle, especially if you are trying to bring a large company together, with many separate departments. And for that, we have the event tents such as the Tension Tentgood for summer and winter and is built to stand up to everything Colorado’s weather can throw at you. No matter how big or how small, we have an event tent to fit your needs. At Denver Tent Company, size truly doesn’t matter.

Denver Tent Company

Old Round Corner Tent - Let Denver Tent Company Keep Your Next Party CoolOur vision is to be the premier tent and outdoor products resource in the industry by offering exceptional quality, trusted advisory and unparalleled customer service at competitive pricing for our customers that will create for them safe shelter and wonderful outdoor events and a lifetime of great memories.
The key ingredient to our success and longevity is ultimately you, our customer. Please do not hesitate to contact us and give us your input and thoughts, so we can continue to improve our products and services for you. You can e-mail, call or visit our showroom and manufacturing facility here in Denver Colorado.

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