Leave No Trace When Camping!

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Protecting the Environment While Camping

When planning to camp, we must take into account many factors that will help us enjoy the experience more and protect our environment.

The idea is to be aware of the general ecological bases so that in each place the visitor has the necessary knowledge to make the best decisions and thus help to conserve campsites, respecting their natural and cultural heritage. With this, each visitor becomes an active agent that contributes to the conservation of the environment.

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How to Develop a Conscience and Respect for Nature?

  • Pack the food in a way that minimizes waste and avoids unnecessary packaging. Use maps and a compass to avoid using marks with paint on rocks or wood.
  • Do not alter the site unless it is essential. Walk in single file, and always through the center of the trails avoiding widening the gaps. Choose areas where there is no vegetation.

  •  Protect water sources by cleaning cooking utensils and disposing of human waste at least 190 feet away.

  • Respect wildlife by not feeding animals, by not killing them, by preventing unnecessary contamination, by not introducing exotic species and by protecting animals in danger of extinction.

  • Minimizing the use of campfires will avoid forest fires, visual contamination, and soil contamination.
  • Leave what you find will allow others to experience the sense of loneliness and discovery by leaving everything as you found it, such as plants, wildlife, rocks, archaeological artifacts and other objects of interest, avoid damaging trees and living plants, avoid collecting flowers, leaves or edible plants that can reduce genetic diversity.

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