How to Keep Food Fresh at the Campsite?

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Tips for keeping food fresh while camping

If your food is spoiled due to poor storage, your trip will not be very outbreak of 1050984 300x300 - How to Keep Food Fresh at the Campsite?

  • Even food that does not need refrigeration should be kept out of direct sunlight and rain, and should not be stored during the day in a car that has a high temperature.
  • Although it may not rot, its quality may be affected. This is the case of foods such as bread, cookies, biscuits, cold cereals, sandwiches, fresh fruit such as apples and bananas and, of course, chocolate and marshmallows, which you have taken to cook in a bonfire.
  • Oil, ketchup, mustard, and syrup should also not be stored in a car at high temperatures.
  • Dry pasta, canned food, rice, dry raw cereals such as oats, sugar, and baking mixes should be kept in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Foods that need refrigerationwinter camping tips 300x300 - How to Keep Food Fresh at the Campsite?

  • Fresh meat, eggs, cheese, milk, yogurt, margarine or butter, fresh juices, and some vegetables should be kept in a cool place, so if you have any of these foods, make sure you have at least one cooler and keep it full of ice.
  • If you plan to camp more than one night, you can consider the use of dry ice. This is extremely cold, so do not put eggs, milk, cheese or yogurt next to it, as they can freeze. And definitely, do not put vegetables or fruit.

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