Kayaking in the Colorado River

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The Colorado River offers great alternatives and beautiful landscapes for kayaking and camping.

It is a white water river with a beautiful environment, perfect for an adventure, an excellent place for beginners and professionals.

It has been listed as one of the best places for kayaking and rafting.Colorado Tent by River 300x300 - Kayaking in the Colorado River

If you do not have a kayak or you are visiting the area as a tourist, there are several suppliers for kayaking in the Colorado River. They will provide practical equipment, as well as touring with a guide, making the adventure enjoyable.

In the Colorado River, there are many options for rapids from grade 1 to 5. So it is important before choosing, to consult the International Whitewater Rivers Difficulty Scale. Here you will find a guide for the different scales for the rapids, and based on your experience kayaking, you can choose the best place.

The difficulty of the rapids varies both in-depth and in the flow-levels of the water. Based on this information will classify the degree of difficulty of the rapids.

Become familiar with the river access points to exit before the challenging rapids, avoiding a dangerous situation beyond your skill level.

The sections of class 1 are the best for newbies, who are going to start with kayaking.

Most of the Colorado River is for experts or intermediates. The newbies should use the waters that run through Grand Junction, between the South Canyon and Camafeo.

Between May and September is the best time to practice kayaking and rafting.customer photos033 e1499326693211 300x300 - Kayaking in the Colorado River

In May and June is when the fastest waters appear and August is more relaxed.

Kayaking and Camping with Denver Tent

The Colorado Wall Tent has evolved over the years from hundreds of suggestions from professional outfitters and guides, who realize a tent is more than just a place to sleep. Our Colorado Wall Tent has a legacy and history all its own. Our canvas wall tents stand the test of time and will give you many, many years of memories and use.


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