Kayak and Rafting on the Rivers of Denver, Co.

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Adventure and excitement on the rivers of Colorado

One of the most exciting water sports is kayaking and rafting on mighty rivers!

One of the best places to enjoy these sports and feel the excitement is in Colorado Whitewater, in Grand Country, the birth of the great Colorado River.nature 1065634 e1502138394638 300x300 - Kayak and Rafting on the Rivers of Denver, Co.

There are various places to practice for the least and most experienced, from the burly class IV and V rapids of Gore Canyon Whitewater Park to the gentle whirlpools near Kremmling. The Colorado River is the center of whitewater for river rafts and weekend lovers.

In Grand Country, you can enjoy the best views of Denver, Colorado.

For information on the best places for rafting and kayaking in the four main cities of Grand County, and the companies that do these tours, as well as rentals and equipment repairs, contact the Chambers. 

Also, the BLM Kremmling Field Office is another excellent source of information about rafting and kayaking in the area. Another great source of information for permits is the American Whitewater Association.

Whenever you want to do an extreme sport or activity, it is essential to be well informed. In the case of rafting and kayaking, it is crucial to know the classifications and class (from 1 to 5) of the rapids, the time, way of arriving, measures of security, etc.

Generally, from April to September are the best times to have a great whitewater adventure, the level of snowmelt has a significant impact on the rivers where you raft or kayak.fire 1209451 1920 300x300 - Kayak and Rafting on the Rivers of Denver, Co.

The best times to visit Grand Country Rivers are detailed below, but it is always important to find out about the weather the day you are going.

1) Rio Azul: June

2) Rio Colorado: the whole season from May to September

3) Clear Creek: from May to September

4) Arkansas River: the entire season from May to September

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