Is Your Denver Tent Company Tent Ready For the Next Adventure?

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At Denver Tent Company we know how to make a good, sturdy durable tent that can stand up to the toughest weather and the harshest elements. Whether you are deep in the woods or high up in the mountains, our tents are trusted by the best to shelter them while away from home. Even if you’re just on your family summer camping trip. Because let’s face it, a week with kids in a tent can also be quite an intense experience. It’s not hiking in the Rocky Mountains, but it can wear you out just as much. And, both extreme adventuring and family camping trips can wear your tent too. Even if it is one of ours. Whether for work or pleasure or the thrill of the challenge, our tents have seen it all and been almost everywhere, and we hope to continue to come along all of your outdoor adventures for a long time to come.

Getting Dirty

It doesn’t matter if you are a survivalist, braving extreme weather conditions and rough terrain, or if you are a family who loves to go camping with your children; your tent is going to get dirty. It’s a part of the camping tradition. Without a little dirt under your fingernails and a few grass stains on the knees of your pants, maybe even wet shoes from wading through a river, are you really camping? When you are out being “one with nature” the dirt is just as important as smelling the flowers and listening to the wildlife all around you. And try as you may not to get dirt into or all over your tent, it’s going to happen, so you may as well just accept it and go with the flow. It’s also part of the charm of your tent, it adds personality. Each dirt stain has memories attached. It’s like a map of where you’ve been with your tent. Of course, you don’t want mud caked all over your tent when you pack it away until the next camping trip, so when you get home from another successful outdoor adventure, brush off the dirt, and make sure your tent isn’t wet when you pack it away. If you feel it could use a little cleaning, we recommend that you use a mixture of 10-1 water and bleach and use a soft bristled brush to wipe down the canvas. It’s going to take the worst dirt, but still leave enough to help give your tent a little personality.

Wear and Tear

Our tents are built to last, so we spend most of our time repairing tents by other manufacturers. Yes, we will fix your tent, even if

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we didn’t make it! We have a number of ways we can repair a cut or a tear in your tent fabric and we can even assist you over the phone to make sure that you get the repair that you need.
Of course, more often than not, depending on how you use the tent, a tear means that your tent is no longer as strong as it was before, and if you are out in tough weather and need your tent for survival far away from civilization, you need to make sure your tent is in tip top condition. Don’t be surprised if our recommendation is getting a new tent. This is also often the most economical fix to your tent tear.

Denver Tent Company

When it comes to survival, we don’t take chances with our equipment, and neither should you. If your safety relies on a durable tent to protect you at night or during dangerous weather conditions, you should consider upgrading your tent to a tent made by Denver Tent Company. We make our products right here in Colorado, so we can design your tent just the way you want it, with all the amenities that you require to survive in the great outdoors. Before your next extreme adventure, call us today to see how we can help ensure your survival by repairing your old tent so that it is ready for the next trip, or custom making a new tent to fit all of your outdoor adventure needs.

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