Indian Summer is upon us!

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Fall Apen Trees - Indian Summer is upon us!The legendary Jim Morrison sang to us asking “Where will we be, when the summer’s gone“. His words will always resonate in our souls and hearts, but it should also push us out of the comforts that we have gotten used. Nowadays it’s easier to turn the TV and let our brains melt away than to go to our nearest park and sit down under a tree to read. We have forsaken the beauty of creation for empty propaganda and “reality TV“.  Although it may seem gloomy and hopeless, nature and it’s beauty haven’t gone anywhere. They are out there for you to embrace and breath some fresh air which our city lungs will really appreciate.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac which is oldest continuously published periodical in North America going strong since 1792, tells us that we are entering the “Indian Summer“.

Noon burn gold into our hair

Although the term Indian Summer may be taken as pejorative, it used to describe a weather period between late-September to mid-November. Our friends from the Old Farmer’s Almanac have the following to say regarding the Indian Summer:

  • As well as being warm, the atmosphere during Indian summer is hazy or smoky, there is no wind, the barometer is standing high, and the nights are clear and chilly.
  • A moving, cool, shallow polar air mass is converting into a deep, warm, stagnant anticyclone (high pressure) system, which has the effect of causing the haze and large swing in temperature between day and night.
  • The time of occurrence is important: The warm days must follow a spell of cold weather or a good hard frost.

Summer’s almost gone

Rocky Mountains 1 - Indian Summer is upon us!

Photo by National Parks Service –

Take advantage of these beautiful conditions and leave your comforts behind. Nobody said you cant take you phone with you, but getting out is the comfort zone is the hardest. Upload some The Doors songs in your phone, get your tent and camping gear ready and head into the great outdoors. Take it from Jim since he closes his song saying “The winter’s comin’ on, summer’s almost gone“.
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