Hunting in the United States

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Camping and hunting!

When the hunting season arrives, it’s time to get ready and enjoy it. Many regions of the United States such as forests and plains are filled with hunters trying their luck in getting their piece.

There are several types of hunting. Hunters will either hunt with guns, like rifles or shotguns, or bow and arrows.

waterfowl hunting 300x300 - Hunting in the United StatesHunting is prevalent in the United States, according to studies, there are about 21.8 million hunters who have hunted at least once in the last five years.

You can hunt big game or game birds for recreation or food. It is a sport that has attracted many hunting enthusiasts in recent years.

Hunting is allowed in 60 percent of the US wildlife shelters and national parks. Of course, there are regulations in each state; they usually vary widely from state to state.

These regulations and rules are established before the hunting season begins. These regulations determine which animals can be hunted, the maximum number of them, the hunting methods, and the areas, in addition to other regulations that can change from one season to the next.

Before hunting, you must know the limits, open areas, season dates, and types of hunting. The applications and other possible requirements you should also be familiar with in the area.deer 1246309 300x300 - Hunting in the United States

All information about hunting regulations for each state can be found in the Fish and Wildlife Service.

Some of the most popular species by hunters in the United States are bighorn sheep, elk, quail, white-tailed deer, moose, wild turkey, red fox, coyote, wolf, bear, bobcat, and duck.

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