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Guide To Hunting Areas in Oregon

Fishing and hunting are a passion. If you like it, you will do anything to accomplish your passion. In Oregon, you can hunt with permission. In reality, hunting deer is indispensable because they have few predators. They multiply until they fill the forests and can not find enough food to feed the herd.
If you are hunting in the state for the first time, however, it is easy to get confused. It’s a big piece of land, with fewer major cities and plenty of forest land.
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Best Places To Hunt in Oregon

In order to help you, we will describe a few of the best places to hunt in Oregon.

Umpqua National Forest

Umpqua National Forest is a massive area – the forest covers almost a million acres – filled will all manner of animals to hunt, from big game like elk and deer (and black bears or cougars if you have the proper licenses) to smaller game. You can also visit Crater Lake National Park, an amazing spot if you want some relaxation.

Siuslaw National Forest

Known as the best public elk hunting land in the country, Siuslaw National Forest is 600,000 acres of woodlands full with Rocky Mountain elk. Of course, getting the elk might not always be easy. Siuslaw is located right on the coast and Oregon is a rainy state. The problem is that the elk hide when the rain is falling and the thunder is rolling, but if you are patient and wait out the storms, Siuslaw will reward you with major elk kills.

Umatilla National Forest

Another major national park area offering all of the state’s big game hunting mainstays – elk, deer, black bears, bighorn sheep, mountain lions, and more – the Umatilla National Forest may be a place to more solitary and expert hunters, but there is plenty of game to be found.

Central Cascade Mountains

It is one of the most beautiful places to hunt in all of the United States. It is located just east of Portland and not far from the Washington border. Scenic views accompany every big and small game sighting. The good news is that the frequent snowfall makes sighting deer, elk, and other naturally camouflaged animals easier to see than in most of the national forest areas.

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