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When Going Hunting, Your Gear Can Make the Difference

Jackets, boots, knives, binoculars, you name it. There are so many items that can help you have a better experience this hunting season. Here are some examples that may come in handy:

Hunting Jacket

jacket - Hunting Garments and Tools

Animals sense odors, so having the right tools become a crucial part of your hunting journey. This Under Armour Scent Control Jacket uses pure antimicrobial silver to block odor, so you can walk freely in the forest without having to worry about masking your scent.

Balaclava - Hunting Garments and ToolsBalaclava

Know you can also add that same odor blocking technology to your head with the Under Armour ColdGear Scent-control Balaclava. Another great advantage of this product is that you don’t need to stress out when the temperatures drop because it will protect your skin from any sudden change.

snake boots - Hunting Garments and ToolsWaterproof Snake Boots

Safety is vital when you are in the middle of the wilderness, so owning a good Waterproof Snake Boots can certainly give the sense of security you need to take every step confidently. No one wants a snakebite to ruin a hunting season before the fun begins, so get your pair and move on.

Champion Target

PR ChampionCT 40635 PivotTraverseBiPodOnGun L - Hunting Garments and ToolsAnother great companion for your hunting trips is the Pivot Traverse Bi-Pod, which “allows you to stay on running game, switching between animals, or at the range, engaging multiple targets with a smooth rotation or a steady hold. Its innovative traversing technology enables a shooter to track back and forth horizontally, which expands the field of fire and produces increased shooting options — all without having to reposition the rifle.” 

Grohmann Knives

We can’t forget about the DH Russell Belt Knife, created after trial and testing with hunters and trappers back in the 1950s. PR GrohmannR1S on deerhide - Hunting Garments and ToolsIt features a convenient grip for game dressing, a unique elliptical blade to reduce cutting drag, and a palm and finger fitting offset handle for a more secure grip.

Wall Tent

CO Wall front with screen 1024x684 - Hunting Garments and ToolsLast but not least, you need a proper tent to sleep in, and we have the very best ones in the market.
The wall tent is the favorite for hunting, outfitting, and anyone wanting a reliable and comfortable base camp. It has evolved over the years from hundreds of suggestions from professional outfitters and guides who realize a tent is more than just a place to sleep.
Contact us today and get the best tent for your hunting trip. You won’t be disappointed, and you will want to recommend it to all of your friends for next season.

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