Hunting Deer in North America

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How deer spread in the USA?

Deer have a wide distribution throughout our country, that’s why many people are familiar with them.

Deer live in areas such as Canada and the United States, but they are not found in Hawaii or Alaska.  Another place where deer are not found is in Australia.

The deer can adapt to live in different types of environments, which makes their distribution diverse; they can live in swamps, plains, mountains, and forests. The population size of the species depends on the area where they live.deer 1246309 300x300 - Hunting Deer in North America

There are some regions where the population of deer is extensive, and this results in increased hunting activity. Colorado and Wyoming are main deer hunting territories, so hunters pay much lower prices to obtain licenses.

The area where there is a high deer population is in the Rocky Mountains. There are several species of deer, which can be cited, mule deer, elk, white-tailed deer, caribou, and Canadian deer. These are the most common in North America.

In California, there are also many deer, so it is common to find them walking on the roads or eating in the gardens of peoples homes.

When there is a lot of food available in some areas, the number of animals increases rapidly, and then deer hunting appears, after being illegal in many cases. This will cause the deer to move to other places looking for a new habitat.

Finding a balance between the deer and the population is very difficult. When there is food available, the deer will always stay and it is difficult to move them away.CO Wall front with screen 300x300 - Hunting Deer in North America

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