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Guide to Hunt in Colorado

There are plenty of species and places to hunt in Colorado, but before embarking on this adventure, let’s remember some regulations and tips that will be useful when you decide to go hunting.


First, be sure to have a Hunter Education certification, which is required for any hunting license. There are on-line education courses, too. Each February, hunting regulations for each big-game species are published in a brochure. A limited number of licenses by species called “quota” is assigned to prevent over-harvesting in each of the places or map units (GMU)

Species to Hunt

Next, decide which of the nine big-game species you’d like to hunt and the gender of the animal you’ll pursue. These are some examples.deer 1246309 - Hunting in Colorado
Mule Deer
White-Tail Deer
Rocky Mountain
Moose Bighorn Sheep Desert Bighorn Sheep Mountain Goat

 Where and When to Hunt

Colorado divides the state into distinct hunting areas called Game Management Units, or GMUs. The GMU map and unit descriptions are also published in the regulation brochure(s). Colorado boasts 23 million acres of public land with easy hunting access. Private land only licenses are also available.


You can choose among archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting.

Hunting Seasons

Archery season: late August and lasts almost a month. Muzzleloader season overlaps.
Muzzleloader season: starts towards the middle of September.
Rifle seasons: from October until January. The second and third rifle seasons are the longest and these seasons span
two weekends.

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