How to Choose the Perfect Tent

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Choose your tent

When you are investing in a tent, don’t just go to the camping store and get the cheapest option, because chances are, it’s cheap for a reason. You may think “what’s so hard about picking a tent”, but there are more things than you would think that should be taken into consideration. Every camper is different and you need to get a tent that fits your camping style.

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The Size of the Tent

If you are a family of five, you need to take that into consideration when picking a tent. Most tents that you see on the market will advertise as being a two-person, four-person, six-person and so on. This is usually a guideline for people who travel light and want to sleep side by side in the smallest tent possible for the size of the party, and there is little to no room left for personal gear or any other storage space. This rating method is great for backpackers, but not so great for the family camping trip. A two-person (or 8-person) tent does also not take into consideration that you may have a very tall person in your party, so you need to make sure that the tent has a length that will comfortably fit the largest person in your camping party.

Extra tent space for storage

Consider how long you go camping for and how much stuff you tend to bring like fishing gear, hiking gear, coolers, clothes and camping furniture. Do you sleep on matts or do you bring cots for more comfort? These are all things to consider when purchasing your tent.

Wall tent - How to Choose the Perfect Tent

Tent ventilation

Depending on how many people you are going to be inside your tent, you will need to take into consideration how the tent is going to be ventilated. Packing 6 people in a tent can be quite claustrophobic and unbearable if you don’t have proper airflow in the tent. A quality canvas wall tent to fit the whole family is the perfect option and comes with sizable windows and doors for proper ventilation. When looking at the larger family tents, take into consideration how heavy and difficult it is to set up and take down.

cook shack frame 2wnaw5utu6ceedewzzd9fk - How to Choose the Perfect TentConsider the weather when choosing a tent

Now that fall is approaching and the nights are getting cooler, consider how you are going to stay warm in your tent at night. The larger the tent, the harder it is to heat. A bigger tent can also be less stable in high winds, so choose a tent that has been weather tested in all conditions so you don’t end up flying away in the night.

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