How To Be A Good Camping Neighbor

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Just because we get away from the daily grind and emerge ourselves in a long weekend of fresh air and nature, doesn’t mean we have to act like wild beasts. Etiquette and common decency still apply deep in the woods. Being a great camping neighbor is not different that being a great city neighbor.

Beware of noise levels at your campground

outdoors  5 - How To Be A Good Camping NeighborTents are great to keep you warm and safe from the elements, but they do absolutely nothing to keep out the noise. This is great, though, because falling asleep to the natural sounds of the forest is one of the best parts of camping. I think everyone can agree on that, so when you set up camp and settle in, be aware of the noise and don’t take away the camping experience from the rest of your neighbors by being rowdy late at night. Something as simple as a car door being opened and shut several times while trying to sleep is enough to ruin a good camping night’s sleep. This will only lead to irritated neighbors and put a damper on your camping trip. Similarly, if you are camping in a tent only, electricity free campground, don’t bring a generator to ruin the peace and quiet for all your camping neighbors. If you wanted to run electricity to your camp, find a campground that offers that service.

Respect the boundaries of your camping area

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Don’t go peeping around your neighbors campground. No matter how curious you are.

Campgrounds are spaced out and have boundaries. Respect these boundaries like it was the four walls of your home. It may be quicker to walk through your neighbors living room to get to the showers, but it is considered just as rude to walk through someone elses campground as it would be for you to stroll through someone’s living room, just to save you a few minutes. And try to control your urge to go peeping in on your neighbors. Just because there aren’t walls, doesn’t mean you can go snooping around, no matter how curious you may be. Make sure your kids understand this as well.

Be corteous and friendly

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Camping will bring people together for a weekend that you would normally never see yourself hanging out with. It is a great way to get out of your daily comfort zone and get to know people from all walks of life. Since we are all sharing the outdoors experience, campers tend to be friendly and open to other campers you meet along the way. You never know who you may meet. And by simply giving a nod and a smile as you pass your neighbors could open up to a whole new friendship. I have found most campers are pretty friendly.

Leave no trace

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Speaking of sharing the outdoors experience, make sure that you Leave No Trace. Pack in what you pack out and respect your surroundings. Don’t cut living branches for firewood, don’t leave food out for animals to get into. Preserve the nature around you as much as possible so that generations to come can enjoy it as well.

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