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My dad was the outdoorsman. He is the one who took me camping in the summer,  cross country skiing in the winter, canoeing any time the weather permitted, hikes in the forest while looking for mushrooms and berries, and then using what we foraged to make dinner and desserts. He is the one who taught me how to bait a hook, clean a fish, pitch a tent, steer a canoe and forage for food. Being outdoors, having respect for nature, and being aware of your surroundings was very important to my dad, and it all started right in our own backyard.

Backyard camping

Backyard Camping e1402082732379 - Happy Father's Day, from Denver Tent CompanyEvery other weekend was spent at my dad’s house. These were the weekends reserved for outdoor activities. The best part of being at my dad’s house was the tent permanently pitched in the back yard. I loved playing in the tent with my friends during the day. And once I got old enough, I was even allowed to sleep in that tent at night, instead of inside in my bed. It was awesome. I felt very grown up, very independent. I was allowed to sleep outside by myself, or with a friend. Sleeping in a tent was the ultimate feeling of independence. Of course, I know now that my dad would check on me periodically throughout the night, and more often than not, I would end up back in my own bed before too long. But just those few hours alone in a tent, snuggled up in my sleeping bag with some comics and a flashlight was enough for me to feel like I had been camping all night long.

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Denver Tent Company

Teaching your kids to appreciate the outdoors starts right in your backyard. A simple tent in the backyard can start your kid off on the right nature loving foot. Forget about the treehouse, teaching them how to pitch a tent and sleep outside will teach your kids to respect nature and get a sense of independence. They will take these memories of camping with dad with them forever, and will bond you in a way nothing else can. It’s not about where you go camping, that’s for the adults. For the kids, it’s about the experience, it’s about being together, and it doesn’t matter if it’s no further than the backyard. Your kids will think it is super cool to invite their friends over to play in their Cowboy Tipi, or an historically correct Cheyenne/Sioux tipi! These tents are easy to pitch and kids friendly. And they will last a lifetime, so that your kids can pass on this tent to the next generation. The kids will love having a tent to play in, and you will love the high quality materials that we use to make our tents. Bring the whole family together this father’s day in a Denver Tent Company tent.

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