Denver Tent: Good News Are Meant to Be Shared!

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At Denver Tent Company we have been custom making tents since 1890. Since we started in business, we have been providing the best custom made canvas tents manufactured right here in Colorado by real people who custom cut, sew and assemble each of our products. Because of our hard work, our company feels honored to be featured in articles from different recognised news medias.

DenverTent in CompanyWeek - Denver Tent: Good News Are Meant to Be Shared!

The history of Denver Tent Company @CompanyWeek

In September 29 of 2014 was featured an online profile article written by Eric Peterson for CompanyWeek. The article explains the history of Denver Tent Company which was founded in 1890, and then does an in depth description of how we have been sewing canvas tents and of the strategies for staying in business for 125 years; being the exception to the rule of the many other original tent companies of the gold rush period. Here is a brief information about CompanyWeek:
CompanyWeek is the media voice of Rocky Mountain manufacturing economy — a diverse sector of makers and manufacturers, brewers and distillers, growers and builders, lifestyle companies and all ambitious, growth-oriented companies.
Every week, the publication profiles goods producing companies making things and driving a regional resurgence of manufacturing prowess and economic growth – companies from Colorado and Utah and across the Rocky Mountain West.”

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Photo credit: This Built America

Another great mention that makes us feel very proud was to be featured in the 0025 episode of This Built America, representing the great state of Colorado. This Built America is a project devoted to the people and companies that are re-imaging and rebuilding American manufacturing. Each week, a new company will be featured from each of our 50 states: a company that is making its product right here in America and keeping our tradition of innovation and quality that we have come to expect from American made products.

Get Your Own Custom Fabric Tent from Denver Tent Company

CO Made - Denver Tent: Good News Are Meant to Be Shared!
Denver Tent Company has worked for over 125 years to create and design tents that will blend perfectly with the wilderness, and provide you many safe nights and wonderful adventures for years to come. We have been to the highest mountain and the deepest valley. We’ve seen purple mountains and amber waves of grain. Our sportsmen tents have seen it all. Invest in a tent from the superior Colorado tent line, or talk to us about custom sewing your very own tent. We have the best sewing, construction and designing crew in the camping industry.
Call us today or stop by the warehouse and see how we can enhance your next outdoor experience. Pitch a tent, kick off your shoes and breathe in some fresh air.

Old Colorado Tent Logo - Denver Tent: Good News Are Meant to Be Shared!

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