Why Should I Go Camping?

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Travel in a different way.  Wouldn’t it be great, at least for once in a lifetime, to change buildings and concrete to direct contact with nature? Beyond the fears (of the darkness, to be dirty, of wild animals) or any other “but”, camping can be one of the best experiences of your life. Let’s see why.

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  1. Camping is the cheapest vacation that exists. You do not pay for a hotel, you do not pay for food in a restaurant, you simply take care of the basic needs of sleeping in a tent and eating outdoors.
  2. You will have the best dawns of your life, being awakened only by the sunlight, the singing of birds and the sound of the river, if you are close to one. This can only compete with the beauty of the sunsets.nature 976539 - Why Should I Go Camping?
  3. You’ll find that going outdoors, and camping specifically, will improve your physical and mental health in ways you never thought of. Many scientific studies show how well it makes us, emotionally and intellectually, to get in touch with nature.
  4. You will sleep like a baby. Do you have trouble sleeping? Light sleep or insomnia? Then camping is for you. The combination of the fatigue of the day with the true darkness of the night will guarantee a restful sleep like the one you seldom have.
  5. You will have incredible stories and memories with your family or friends. Camping is one of the best ways to strengthen ties in any human relationship you have.

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