Glamping Tents for the Great Colorado Glamping Retreat

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(Photo credit: Blue Sky Sage)

Denver Tent Co. is your number one glamping tent provider

If you want to get out into nature, but not get your hands dirty, then glamping is just the thing for you. By now everyone has heard about glamping and at Denver Tent Company this new outdoor trend has kept us very busy.
More and more people are looking to upgrade their camping experience, giving their back wood campground a little make over. Brightly colored vinyl and nylon dome tents have been replaced by beautiful white canvas wall tents that blend with nature and add glamour and luxury to your temporary outdoor home.
To keep up with this trend, campgrounds in Colorado and beyond have looked to Denver Tent Company to provide them with tents so that they can also offer their campers the best glamping experience.
Colorado Tent by River - Glamping Tents for the Great Colorado Glamping Retreat

Denver Tents Base Glamps for Colorado Glamping Experiences

Blue Sky Sage is more than just a “dude ranch”. Along the Little Sandy River you will see a camp of luxurious Colorado tents pitched among the pines. The soothing sounds of the river running over smooth stones and the summer breeze will lull you right to sleep as you lay comfortably in your private and cozy glamping Colorado tipi. Bigger private tents area available to couples and the Colorado Lodge tents provides great shared space in this private and peaceful location. You won’t want to leave the comfort and luxury of camp, but if you do, there are hikes and trail and rivers to explore all around. Or you can sit just sit, reflect and take it all in.
Whereas Blue Sky Sage glamping keeps it on the simple size using our Cowboy tipi’s as their private bedrooms, the people at High Lonesome Camp has really taken glamping for all that it is worth. Their new glamp: Castle Rock Camp, by Kimball Creek Valley, consists of big Colorado Lodge Tents turned into master suite like hotel rooms, complete with free standing wooden frame bed, completely furnished with dressers and chairs this luxury tent even comes with a heater to take the chill off the crisp Colorado air. When you zip open the canvas doors in the morning, you’ll wake up to the magnificent view of Colorado’s Castle Rock.

Denver Tent Casltle Rock Camp interior - Glamping Tents for the Great Colorado Glamping Retreat

Glamping at Castle Rock camp
Photo credit: High Lonesome Ranch

Get your own luxury glamping tent from Denver Tent Company

There are many places that that offer clamping set ups, but why go where everyone else is going. Invest in a luxurious, hand sewn, Colorado made Lodge, Range or wall tent form Denver Tent Company. We have a large inventory of ready-made sportsmen tents for any occasion. Don’t be fooled by the glamor and soft white flowing canvas, especially with some home décor and some fairy lights. Our tents have stood the test of time and with our 125 years plus experience making tents, this tent is tough and durable and will stand up to any weather conditions. Call us today or stop by the warehouse in Denver, Colorado.

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