Glamping: The Original Way of Camping

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New formula in tourism: Glamour + Camping

Glamping is a new modality proposed by some campsites. This simple but comfortable accommodation allows contact with nature but prioritizing the luxury of a hotel.  In summary, it is a combination of many essential things for a traveler:  adventure, the excitement of camping, and the comforts of a hotel.  Every day this new way of experimenting the outdoors is becoming more demanded in several places in the world.

The traveler nowadays changed paradigms. Here are some examples that explain the new modality of glamping.

– Today the traveler organizes his trip.Lemonade e1463852007345 300x300 - Glamping: The Original Way of Camping

– The unknown tourist destinations are valued more.

– More frequent trips, but out of high season.

– Tourists look for social reunion, feelings, and emotions.

– They prefer protected places.

–  Tourists find relaxation and disconnection.

Where are glamping places found?

There are diverse ecosystems such as jungles, rivers, forests, deserts, mountains, or national parks.

Some glamping areas are very original

Yurts:  Wooden construction covered with a resistant fabric. The circular tent protects you from the rain and the winds.

Glamping 300x300 - Glamping: The Original Way of CampingMotorhome: The famous mobile home on wheels, made with space to use as a home.

Tree houses: A dream come true. They are like those that all children want to build with stairs to climb, made of wood, among the branches and leaves. 

Eco-lodge: A hut usually made of wood, adapted to all types of areas, including the most exposed areas such as mountains, jungles or the savannah.

Tipis: Like the homes of the American Indians with the shape of a triangle, covered with cloth.

Safari tents: It has the structure of a house only with the roofs in the shape of a peak, made of light but resistant canvas. Inside they have ample space to equip them well.

Igloo:  It´s a “snow house” designed with blocks of snow that traditionally has a dome shape.

Canvas Stores: A luxurious traditional tent.

Go glamping in the best tent!

custom tents e1423098278808 300x300 - Glamping: The Original Way of Camping

Private glamping Tipi Photo credit: Blue Sky Sage

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