Getting in Shape for Your Next Hike

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Fall is a great time to go for a hike

The weather has cooled, the colors are spectacular, the trails are less crowded and the bugs, the annoying ones, are all but gone. But real hikes are no stroll in the park. It requires some dedication as well as physical preparation.

Getting in shape for serious hiking

Cardio, cardio and cardio. The good news is, with an increase in your cardio workout, you also  get to eat carbs to help your body get in shape and have fuel for those extreme hikes. Start with just 30 minutes three times a week and then slowly work your way up. Make sure to mix it up. Don’t just take the same flat route around your neighborhood or the closest park, make sure you mix it up a bit and hit different terrains, because when you are hiking the ground will change constantly and you want your body to be prepared for anything.

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Don’t forget that when you are hiking, you’ll be carrying supplies. When doing your cardio workouts slowly building endurance, carry a backpack filled with the stuff you’ll be taking along for your hike. You may think you are getting into shape for your next hike, but add that backpack and all of a sudden you are out of breath before the hike is over. Plus, you’ll carry yourself differently when you have a backpack on. Training with the backpack will avoid shoulder, hip and neck pain when hitting the trails. Training your core is going to make a huge difference in your ability to hike long trails without burning out. A strong core you will have better balance and stability. A strong back, abdominal muscles and pelvis is just as importance as endurance training, and the best part is, it can be done at home. A great core excersise is the plank. Just 5-10 minutes a day should do it, and you can combine it with your favorite TV show. Training doesn’t always have to be hard work.

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The Colorado Range Tent. Photo credit: Josh Franer -This Built America

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When going on multi-day hikes you don’t want to be weighed down by a bunch of equipment. Denver Tent Company knows that better than anyone. We work with professional outdoorsmen and women to make sure we have the best equipment to provide safe and reliable shelter when it comes to turning for the night. Our range tents are lightweight, easy to carry and will stand up against the cold and the wind providing a great base camp and home away from home while you are exploring and enjoying the great outdoors. We have been in the tent industry for over a century and out tents are the best in the industry. Call us today and check out our inventory of great tents and camping equipment.

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