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When you travel you want to soak up as much of the atmosphere and culture of the city you are visiting. Being submerged in a foreign culture, finding out what the locals eat and drink, where they go to unwind, what their traditions are, are as much fun as walking the streets of a new city and taking in the sights. When you are traveling, talk to the locals as much as possible, because they will guide you better than any book and you’ll have adventures and experiences that you would never have if you had just stuck to what the tourist guide book told you.

The Surfing Culture

Surfers have a reputation for being super chill, friendly, and respectful of all nature and animals and welcoming to all. So when I was helping a small  fishing village in Costa Rica clean beaches and organize local businesses to pay for a map of the town to have down by the main beach, I was really shocked by the reaction some of the surfers had to putting the surf spots “on the map”, so to speak. Those of us organizing and designing the map thought it would be helpful to tourist to visiting the town in hopes of scoring some waves to have the surf spots on the map so that they would know where to go. Boy, were we wrong.
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Getting to know the locals is your ticket to the perfect local surf spot

The surfers in town went berserk! It turns out that finding that perfect wave or that local surf spot is something you have to “earn” in the surfing community. You are supposed to explore beaches and breaks, talk to locals, get to know the surfers in each town, and once you have proven yourself on a few of the obvious breaks that everyone can find, you may be lucky enough to be invited to the real surf spots in town, the ones that the tourists and the guide books don’t yet know about. The ones you may have to park and trek for a while before hitting the water, but once you get there, you have uninterrupted perfect waves to surf.
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Put down the guide book and build your own adventure

Finding the perfect wave is just one of the things you’ll discover when you take in the culture and the people of the place you are visiting. Once you put down the guide book and just explore, that is when the real adventure begins and you will get to see a different side of the world if you take it in, and let it become a part of you. And isn’t that what travelling is all about? It’s not about seeing the same things that everyone else has seen, it’s about creating your own adventure and your own memories. It’s about trying new things and meeting new people.

Denver Tent Company

We’d love to share in your adventures, wherever they take you. We know we can’t come with you, but we have all the equipment to keep you warm and safe when travelling in the great outdoors. Quality sportsmen tents and accessories is key to a successful adventure and traveling with a tent will allow you to visit many more places and discover remote and isolated areas that most tourists never get to see. We hope to see you at Denver Tent Company, and we wish you safe and exciting travels.

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