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New devices to go camping

There are many gadgets released to the market that make it easier for most of us to leave the city without worries. Sometimes it is necessary to disconnect completely and go out on an adventure. But even though we want to be isolated, most of us need to take with us at least one or two devices to have the peace of mind that if we need, so we can communicate or connect to the Internet. These inventions make it easier and safer to go camping in the wilderness. Some may criticize them, but for inexperienced people any of these gadgets can surely help you out of trouble related to guidance, knowing what time it will take or to be able to light a fire. This is the list of some of the best gadgets to go camping and enjoy out in the open air.backpack 1149544 - Gadgets to Go Camping

Solar Charger:

If you need a solar charger that is more resistant and robust, the Solarmonkey charger is just what you are looking for. Unlike other solar chargers, it includes an internal battery that, when fully charged, can charge a smartphone two or three times. It takes about 8 hours for a full charge and comes with a variety of adapters for all your gadgets.

The HiGear Light

It´s great when you need to have at hand a light that is not heavy to carry, and that at the same time leave us hands-free for hiking, moving around the campsite or inside the store. The light can be separated from the tape to be used as a flashlight.

The Eton Scorpion Radio

If you need to simplify and want to have a gadget in hand that will help you in many tasks at once, the Eton Scorpion is a great option. It’s radio powered by sunlight, but also a LED flashlight, and can act as a charger for the phone or other devices. It is splash resistant and can be attached to the backpack with a carabiner. As an added benefit, the clip also works as a bottle opener.

Charger, a Source of Energy

Known as VOTE charger, this charger turns your barbecue into a source of energy, has an activated fire fuel cell that is placed under the charcoal while you cook the food. Convert carbon and hydrogen into electricity and generate enough energy to charge your devices.

Safe Adventure: Denver Tent Companyhiker 1149877 - Gadgets to Go Camping

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