Fishing Trout in Colorado

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Types of trout we can fish in Colorado

In Colorado, we find several varieties of brook trout: brown, rainbow and killer.

Trout are found in lakes, deep reservoirs, and rivers, across the state of Colorado. There are several techniques to catch trout, the use of bait, the fly, and spinners.Colorado Tent by River 300x300 - Fishing Trout in Colorado

Before going fishing for trout, you should carefully read the Colorado fishing regulations found in the Colorado Wildlife Division of the Fishery Regulations Booklet, which can be found online or in wildlife places that sell licenses for fishing. It is important to review these regulations every year, to see if there are any changes such as possession of daily limits, artificial flies/decoy restrictions, or in the catch and release zones.

To go fishing requires a fishing license; children under 16 years do not need this license. The license is for one year, and cover a period from April 1 of the current year until March 31 of next year.happy boy 1411862 e1488573248427 300x300 - Fishing Trout in Colorado

It is important to know what kind of fishing you will do to prepare the equipment; it can be trolling, with fly, from the shore, or if it is in a lake, pond or stream.

Determine what type of bait you will use. Bait your hook with worms or salmon eggs to fish at the bottom of a lake, where the waters are colder on warm summer days. Use spinners in lakes and streams, which attracts the attention trout through the reflection of light on the surface of the water. For fly fishing, tie a dry fly to the end of a hook to move the bait quickly through the top of the water. Dry flies such as mosquitoes, gnats, and dragonflies are good choices because they match the native insects that float on the surface of the water.

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