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Tips for Fishing in freshwater

Fishing in freshwater refers to rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and where there are abundant fish.  These places are unique for the amateur to catch types of fish such as black bass, trout, carp, and all kinds of salmonids.

An important fact to know is that 40% of all fish species live in freshwater, hence this type of fishing is very attractive.

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Fishing in reservoirs and lakes is different than fishing done in rivers; hence it should not be confused.

When fishing in rivers, we fish with the current. The fish in rivers are smaller than the fish in lakes and reservoirs, but they struggle more, and the fish in rivers are smaller because they are always in motion due to the current.  An example of the fight that occurs with the fish of rivers is to take a salmon in the middle of the flow of a river; it is a great fight.

The fish of lakes and ponds are larger and calmer since they live in much less turbulent waters than in the rivers.

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  • The best places to throw the rod in the rivers are the banks; it can also be from a bridge as long as they are safe. If the river allows, then even from a boat or a kayak.


  • In waterfalls, it comes with greater force, causing the fish to sink to the bottom, forming a small hole where an ideal place is created for the fish to feed calmly, without a strong current.


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