Fishing in Fresh Water

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Go camping and have a great time fishing

There are so many places where you can camp and fish in the USA. Lakes, streams, and rivers. If you decide to go on this adventure, here are some tips to learn about fishing in freshwater.

The great variety of freshwater fish has caused different types of methods to capture them.

  1. Some species, such as non-predators, are fished with natural or prepared bait. These baits can be placed on the hook or under a float on a ballasted line that joins them under the 1081734 e1536167958716 300x300 - Fishing in Fresh Water

2. Predatory species can also be fished with natural baits but are also captured with artificial baits or lures. The lures have been designed to mimic the prey of a particular species. Others stimulate the predatory instincts of the fish.

3.  Trout, salmon and other freshwater species are caught by fly fishing which is one of the most enjoyable ways to fish with a rod.


The most popular types of fishing: lure fishing, bait fishing, cup fishing, fly fishingfishing outdoors 300x300 - Fishing in Fresh Water

Fishing with a decoy or lure consists of capturing the fish by the technique of the cast and the recovery of artificial baits. The cane that is used is short, and it is ideal for places with a lot of vegetation.

Almost all freshwater fishing is done with prepared natural baits, and with a float or bottom equipment. The advantage of the float is that it is immediately detected.

The oldest type of fishing

Fishing to the coup is the oldest type of fishing, no reel is used, and the fishing line is tied to the end of the rod. You can use traditional rods or fiberglass.

The latest technology

The rods are made of carbon and are very light.

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