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Some issues about going to a fishing camp

There is a basic rule for fishermen that says that where you see the best buildings, good roads, and good hotels, the fishing decreases. Therefore, targeting the most remote sites is still an effective option to access good fishing spots.bigstock Father son and grandfather fis 33111014 e1402693524754 300x300 - Fishing Camp

  • Fishing camps will almost always be close to the water, which gives some advantage but also entails some risk to be taken into account, such as rising tides or mountain rivers that may experience sudden increases in flow and level.
  • It is also essential to have information about the climate, such as rain, wind, maximum and minimum temperatures. Know in advance how the weather will be in the area that you are going to camp so you can take what is most comfortable, but also crucial for safety in nautical activities. The climate is a question that must always be considered when fishing. Today, weather can be foreseen for several days, with anticipation and with enough accuracy.
  • The reeds are a fundamental part of the fishing equipment. Moving from one place to another with lots of bumps, sometimes on roads that are not the best, can cause some damage to fishing rods. So, we should be careful and protect the fishing equipment.
  • Never leave the rods on the ground because someone may step on them. Neither should you leave the rods leaning against a vehicle because it will not be the first time when closing a door the rod slips and ends up broken.

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