Types of Fish We Catch in the Rivers

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Fishing in rivers is fun and exciting!

The fish that live in rivers such as salmon, trout and other species are usually great fighters and makes fishing very exciting.

In addition to going fishing in a river, we complement it with setting a camp near the fishing area.  It will bring us many beautiful experiences, which involve fishing from bait to cooking, to enjoying eating freshly caught fish. This is priceless! In addition to being near the river for several days, it gives us the chance to test several areas of the river.fisherman 585707 1920 300x300 - Types of Fish We Catch in the Rivers

The best species to fish in the river are carp, trout, several species of salmon, and pike.

  • Carp is native to the far east, found in low or medium rivers, where the currents are substantial, they like to swim in deep, warm waters. The carp feed by inhaling everything that is around, like a vacuum cleaner, and are appreciated by the river fishermen.
  • Trout is the most fierce fish that can be fished in rivers. They belong to the family of salmonids, and like cold, oxygenated waters. The meat is appreciated for international cuisines, for its high culinary value. For the river fishermen, it is a great trophy to catch a trout. They are in the rivers of high mountains, and the best time to fish is between the end of December and the beginning of January.fisherman 850383 e1536167933991 300x300 - Types of Fish We Catch in the Rivers
  • Salmon, as we know, go upstream against the current for spawning, and it is here that fishermen have the opportunity to catch them. Its meat is also very desirable.
  • Lucio, one of the most brutal predators of freshwater that exists, with teeth like a saw, can split our fishing line with ease, so it is often advisable to fish this type using steel or Kevlar threads, resistant to his bites.
  • Pike are found in the middle areas of high flowing rivers. A fact to know is that the spawning season takes place in April and May.

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