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With Labor Day come and gone, summer is now officially over and we start to look to fall with all the leaves turning and the amazing colors that we are about to experience. Plus, it may put an end to an unseasonably hot summer for most of the country and bring some much welcome cool air. But fall also brings new camping enthusiast outdoors. The busy summer camping season is over and a lot of parks are reducing their rates for the fall season. Another great thing about camping in the fall is that the mosquitos aren’t quite as active, and it gets too cold at night for the little suckers to stick around making for a much better experience at the campsite.

outdoors 10 300x300 - Fall Camping Check-ListFall Camping Checklist:

  • Check the weather before you go
  • Pack layers – especially if you are camping in Colorado. The weather fluctuates constantly and if you are hiking to high altitude, you can be sure that it will be colder, especially at night.
  • Bring cold-weather sleeping gear
  • Invest in a good tent and test it before you camp
  • Arrive early and setup with care – Remember, now that fall is approaching, that means that the days are getting shorter. Don’t get caught off guard and arrive after dark.
  • Keep your distance from wildlife – Yes, spring is the season of lovers, but the fall will also bring on another season for wildlife mating rituals. Be careful and give them some space…and privacy.
  • Leave more time for cooking – Not only do you want to return to camp earlier to avoid hiking in the dark, but you also have to allow for longer cooking times, as low temperature will slow down your cook time. Altitude and weather will affect your cooking temperatures and everything will take longer.

ayge McMahon at the Self Reliance Expo in Denver 2011 - Fall Camping Check-List

Fall camping equipment and accessories in Colorado

Fall is a great time to go camping, and a little cold and some rougher weather will only add to your experience. After all, you are in the wild; let it get a little wild. Denver Tent Company has been designing and constructing tents right here in Denver, Colorado for over 100 years and we have tested out walls tents, range tents, herder tents and tipis in difficult terrain and against strong winds and rough weather. Our sportsmen tents have exceeded expectations in the field every time. No wilderness is too wild for our camping equipment, and for extreme weather, our tents can be fitted with a cylinder camp stove to keep you and your whole party warm at night. Come check us out.

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