Event Tents


Frame Tents

A frame tent is a free standing framework of aluminum or steel pipe that supports a vinyl roof without the use of interior poles. This self-supporting structure features graceful peaks and curves, which require an anchoring system of stakes or weights to secure it in place.
The frame tent is great for gatherings limited by confined spaces like a backyard, over a patio, in a parking lot or against a building.

Pole Tents

The Pole Tent is still a popular choice for parties, backyard celebrations, receptions and large scale corporate gatherings. Sizes range from 10′ to over 100′ with unlimited lengths. Choose from traditional pole tents or elegant tension tents. The high peaks and graceful curves accentuate the most glamorous occasion and create memories that last a lifetime. We have a tent for every event!

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canopy 2 party canopy - Event Tents

Party Canopies

As the name implies, this is the tent to have a party in (or under). We know that outfitters, cowboys, campers and outdoor enthusiasts like to party while they are in the great outdoors! This tent is perfect for cooking or relaxing in after the day’s hunt or pack trip is done. Reliable, durable, affordable and easy, The Colorado Party Canopy is the perfect solution for any event or occasion.

Tension Tents

Featuring high, sculpted peaks and engineering to meet 90 mph wind-loads, the tension tent will withstand the elements and look great doing it. Quality welded seams and vinyl-covered webbing reinforce the graceful contours of the fabric, creating a smooth, tight surface that helps redirect the wind over and around the tent – not into it. It’s not often you can get elegance and durability in the same package.

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The Best Event Tents

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