Essentials for Camping in the Fall

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Camping in the autumn is very different from camping in the summer. For instance, you don’t have to worry as much about the biting bugs during the evenings. But it’s also important to consider how the changing temperatures will affect your packing list. You need to bring clothing that’s warm enough to keep your body temperature up at night. You also need to pack layers so that you can strip down during the day once you overheat from hiking. Here are the essentials for camping in the fall.

What Should You Pack for a Fall Camping Trip

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Autumn camping is a low-key way to enjoy nature with the whole family (Fido included).

The first category of things to pack is clothing. Bring several pairs of woolen socks so that you can always switch them out for clean socks if your pair gets wet. In addition to your normal hiking boots and fleeces, make sure you add camp shoes that are not flip flops. Slip-on rain boots would be good. Make sure you include a waterproof outer shell like Gortex to help keep you dry in a surprise autumn rainstorm. Finally, you’ll need tents, sleeping bags, firewood, and food. 

High-Quality Tents

To enjoy your autumn camping experience, it’s essential to bring a high-quality tent. Nothing ruins a camping trip like being cold and miserable in a sub-par tent. It can even make your family want to avoid camping in the future, which is a dangerous precedent to set! Instead, look for canvas tents made in America. You can rent or buy them and they’re known as some of the top tents in Denver

There’s no need to do a ton of research before you head out. Just contact us and we can set aside the right tent for you, so you can pick it up on your way out of town.

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