Enjoy Comfort and Quality While Hunting

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Hunting is not easy, but it is thrilling and exciting. At the Denver Tent Co., our primary goal is to provide you with premier tents and quality outdoor products, providing safe shelter for your outdoor events while extending luxury and comfort.
Let us give you some hunting advice for your next adventure.
Go Very Slowly 
Move slowly, or stay put. You can use your watch as a guide. Decide first the period of time to stand still, as this will force you to remain quiet and silent for a minimum amount of time, and decide at that moment if you need to go longer.
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“The sound of a snapped twig is quickly forgotten by the hunter, but long remembered by the quarry.” When you make an unusually loud noise, you need to stop and stand there for as long as possible, as the animal will also stop at the noise and try to scout the area to identify dangers. If it doesn’t see or smell you, it might go back to doing what it was before you stepped on the twig.
Pick Your Landmarks
While hunting, it is easy to get confused as you change locations. Select a distinctive object on the skyline, one that you can recognize from the back. It can be a large tree, a fence line, or a rock. This will help guide you to the correct spot.
Clear Shooting Lanes
When you first get into your tree stand, practice shooting positions for all the directions from which an animal might appear. Then, try to remove branches or stones that are in the line of fire. Last but not least, take up the position that requires the least amount of movement so you can move freely.

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Next time you plan a hunting trip, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom and manufacturing facility here in Denver, Colorado. We want to go with you and provide you with the best tents and accessories to make your hunting a more pleasant experience. Our tents are handmade, and we can customize them to fit your every need. 

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