Elegant Tents For Outdoor Events

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Outdoor events allow for unparalleled beauty and elegance, but you need to have a bit of common sense here, too. Weather can spoil any outdoor ceremony or event, and tents are a key part of both aesthetics and practicality. Here’s what you need to know about the different available options.

Tension Tents and Pole Tents 

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The optimal tent size will depend on number of guests, equipment, and much more.

First, let’s talk about two of the most common options for those who want elegant outdoor tents. Tension tents are also known as wedding tents for the sense of sophistication that they offer. On top of their external appearance, you can also add internal customizations like chandeliers or custom tent liners. Mimic the appearance of a fancy wedding hall with all the benefits and ambiance of the great outdoors. Pole tents are a little more accessible, and while they don’t necessarily have the customization options of a tension tent, they do offer the added protection your party will need if the weather starts to turn bad. These are also a favorite for commercial events.

Solemn Events

Event tents are also a great fit for events that are naturally solemn as well, like funerals held outdoors. A lot of this is due to customization. You can opt for muted colors and more subdued accessories to make sure that the event doesn’t clash with the appearance of the tents you are using. If you have any specific concerns in this area, it’s always best to talk with your tent professional. They may be able to offer advice on the best match for your event, and address some of your more specific concerns.

Trying to find the best tents for your next events? You want to have all the available options on the table. Contact us at Denver Tent Company to get access to the best rental and customized options for you.

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