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There is nothing like taking the tent, putting it in the trunk of the car and sleeping in our tent. Many times we have heard comments such as “oh no, sleeping on the floor does not go with me” and others, “I could not live on sandwiches so long!” These are the most common or usual comments that we hear when we say that we are going for a week with the tent. Well, below you will find different meals and dishes that you can prepare when you go camping. You can eat healthy and fresh food every day!

What to Prepare for Lunch and Dinner When You go Camping?

Saladseatright 300x300 - What To Eat When Camping

You can prepare a variety of salads with everything you like. In addition to lettuce and tomato, you can prepare pasta salad.


This can be meat or vegetables. Easy to do. The trick is to control the fire, which does not reach the meat! Ribs, lamb, or pork are delicious on the grill! 

Burgershamburgers 520707 300x194 - What To Eat When Camping

You make the burgers on the grill and add whatever you want!


I think it is the easiest thing to prepare. You just need to boil the water with the pasta that you like the most. The hardest thing to prepare might be the sauce. Although the easiest is to heat the tomato sauce in a pot with minced meat and spices.

fishing 797187 300x208 - What To Eat When CampingGrilled Fish

If we go to a place near water, it is a must to have grilled fish. Well prepared with lemon and salt before cooking, important, not when they are already done. 

Fruit Salads for Dessert or Breakfast

Do not forget to eat fruit and fiber when you go camping! As you can see, you can eat everything when you are camping and it is not necessary to carry many “pots” to cook.

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