Dude, You're Screwed…Without Denver Tent's Custom Base Camp

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Discovery has a new twist on the survival game genre: Dude You’re Screwed! Five survivalist challenge each other to survive the toughest environments, from the jungle to frost ridden mountain tops to the middle of the ocean, each must meet their challenge, use their skills and make it back home alive and unscathed.

Dude, that’s our custom made base camp!

While each Dude faces his weekly challenge, the others watch from a safe and comfortable distance. And in Episode 2: Embrace the Suck, we know just how comfortable the Dudes were while watching their friend battle the Gulf of Mexico in a raft, because their base camp had our ultra-durable, weather resistant custom made wall tent.

Dude Youre Screwed view e1400015711890 - Dude, You're Screwed...Without Denver Tent's Custom Base Camp

Dude, how big is that tent?

Map of show e1400015773196 - Dude, You're Screwed...Without Denver Tent's Custom Base CampIt’s as big as you need it to be. In the case of High Noon productions, they needed a tent big enough to house all of their life-saving monitoring equipment, additional live feed monitors for watching their mate face near death, a production crew and all that goes with it… and just for fun, a couple of stand-up paddle boards. The Dudes and the crew can enjoy warmth, space and big bay windows to take in the ocean and mountain views around them, all while their teammate Terry Schappert, risks hypothermia and dehydration in the middle of the ocean 15 miles off the coast of the Barrier Islands.

Dude, this tent means serious outdoor business

lodge tent - Dude, You're Screwed...Without Denver Tent's Custom Base CampIt is no wonder that this latest survival program has chosen the Denver Tent Company to produce their base camp tent. This wall tent has been field tested under diverse conditions and has outlasted and outperformed our wildest expectations. Using only state of the art materials, like WeatherMAX® fabric, and over a century of tent making experience, this tent is built for serious outdoor adventurers. We’re so confident in The Colorado Lodge Tent’s ability to stand up to the most rugged environments – whether it’s a week or many months in the sun or snow – that it comes with a 5-year fabric warranty and a two-year workmanship warranty from Denver TentTalk to us about making just the right base camp tent for your next wild outdoor adventure needs.
Dude, You’re Screwed Bonus Scene

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