Don't Let a Little Rain Get You Down On Your Next Campout

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Be prepared

bigstock umbrella and rain drops closeu 51978025 - Don't Let a Little Rain Get You Down On Your Next CampoutOnce in a while, even at the height of summer, a little rain will fall while you are out camping. I have spent many camping trips stuck in the tent because we were surprised by sudden rain, or slept in a wet sleeping bag because it turned out our tent was not as rainproof as one would have thought. Sometimes rain just happens without warning, and even if you had fair warning, it is very few who have the luxury of postponing a long time planned camping trip. At Denver Tent Company, we want to make sure your next camping trip doesn’t get rained out. All it takes is the right equipment, and you’ll be shrugging off the clouds in no time.

Camping in the rain

bed tarp - Don't Let a Little Rain Get You Down On Your Next CampoutMost people will plan their camping trips in the “dry” season. But there are a group of campers that will camp all year round, even if there’s a 100% chance of rain. For those die-hards, a new term has been instated in the camping lingo dictionary: damping! Damping means never getting rained out, damping means coming prepared for any weather, damping means shaking your fists at the dark clouds forming above and saying “bring it on, rain”. These are the campers you see sitting casually in their foldout chair, under their Denver Tent Undercover Pop Up, next to their Denver Sportsmen’s tent with a snap-in floor to protect against the soggy ground. These are the campers that come prepared with our waterproof bed sheets or tarps, so that no matter how hard it rains and for how long, they can stay dry and so can their equipment. These are the true campers!

Denver Tents

snapin floor - Don't Let a Little Rain Get You Down On Your Next CampoutOur products are made to last. Our customers do not have time to deal with inferior products that only last one or two outings. We have tried and tested our products on working cowboys, professional outdoorsmen, hunters, and extreme adventurers. If you love camping all year round, come rain, shine, snow or wind, then you want a Denver Tent product to take with you on your next damping trip. Stop by today, and check out our inventory of high quality tents and accessories.

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