Do you remember camping as a kid?

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bigstock Father son and grandfather fis 33111014 e1402693524754 - Do you remember camping as a kid?Many of the things you do as a kid will define the rest of your life!

With so much technology and gadgets in our everyday life and a very busy work schedule, it gets harder and harder for us and our kids to enjoy nature and the joys of camping. A few months ago I visited my childhood neighborhood and to my amazement no kids were playing outside with their bikes or basketballs. I imagine they were indoors playing Xbox, Playstaion or texting their friends next to them! This got me thinking how much I loved the outdoors as a kid. I believe we all the cool camping experiences I had camping with my Dad and my Grandfather made me love camping and the outdoors to this day.

What you do today will become unforgettable tomorrow

Who in the right mind would want to miss out on Smores, hot dogs on a stick, hunting fireflies, fishing, and telling ghost stories over the campfire. Many of the things I did while camping are still my favorite activities as an adult.
Cheyenne tipi - Do you remember camping as a kid?

Imagine how cool it would be if you went camping with a Tipi!

Patterned on authentic Indian designs, we proudly offer The Colorado Cheyenne/Sioux Tipi. The Cheyenne and Sioux tribes lived in close proximity in Colorado and parts of the West and had much in common, including their tipi designs.

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