Best Destinations in the Southwest USA

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Planning a Trip to Enjoy Natural Wonders?

There are amazing destinations in the Southwest to visit and have a memorable time with your family or friends. The western region of the USA has plenty of National Parks to pitch a tent and spend time enjoying some of the most beautiful natural wonders. Here are some of the best options.

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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This is one of the seven wonders of the world. The Grand Canyon is a place you must see.  The widest part is18 miles and the deepest part is one mile. Imagine the immensity of this wonder. You can explore both, the South and the North Rim during the summer. The North Rim is more rural and the South Rim is busier, but the sights in both places are awesome. Come to this park, share beautiful moments with your family and choose any of the activities you like best. Hiking, desert view tour, mule trips, or rafting trips on the Colorado River. There are comfortable campsites that offer access to incredible, wild places.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado

NPS Mesa Verde - Best Destinations in the Southwest USA

Credit: NPS

This is the perfect spot to spend time hiking and admiring some fascinating archeological sites. The mesa can be viewed as you are approaching the park, it looks like a broad cliff. This park features more than 4,000 archeological sites which include 600 cliff dwellings.  It’s interesting to observe how people built homes in the cliffs, with cut out windows, some of the dwellings are even two or three stories high. Visitors can also spend time hiking, appreciating amazing views. There are free campgrounds near the park.

Death Valley National Park, California, Nevada

It’s famous for being the driest, lowest and hottest place in North America, and the landscape is varied and amazing. One of the best hikes is the narrow Mosaic Canyon with its patterned rock walls. Other must-see places are the Death Valleys Twenty Mule Team Canyon and the Golden Canyon. Death Valley National Park is a desert like no other place on earth and you can find comfortable campsites to enjoy your stay.

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

This is an amazing destination to admire the unique rock formations known as “hoodoos”. It’s a good place to go hiking or stargazing from your camping spot.  It has some of the most beautiful camping spots and starry night skies in the world.oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173f s - Best Destinations in the Southwest USA

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