Design Features in the Colorado Wall Tent

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Explanation of Design Features in the Colorado Wall Tent:

     1. Reinforced Eaves with double spur grommetsRope on Maroon bell tent

In our eave, we put a 3” heavy duty poly webbing to add strength.  Our rolled-rim spur grommets have teeth that ‘bite’ into the webbing so they will not pull out.  Having two grommet locations allow for extra guy line security and the ability to use an external pole system instead of an internal frame.  A single grommet will not have the strength that the double has for securing your tent.
Quality materials in Denver Tents: Sod Cloth

     2. Sod Cloth

Our Sod Cloth is at the base of the tent where the canvas ends.  This 9’’ of 18 oz vinyl will touch the ground to help keep the tent from getting dirty or wet.  A sod cloth will also allow you to use a floor and better seal off your tent base from the elements.

Cooking essentials while camping     


    3. Our Stove Pipe Shield

It has a Canvas flap that closes with a zipper on the outside of the tent.   It has a high-temperature oval rubber gasket that a 5’’ vent pipe will securely fit into.  The outside canvas flap can be opened and secured with cotton ties.
** NOTE: Assure that the cotton ties and the canvas flap do not come into contact with the hot vent pipe.**

     4. Ridgepole Zipper

All of our canvas wall tents come with a ridge pole zipper on the front and back which will allow for a Ridgepole and exterior pole frame.
Zipper in Denver Tents

     5. 3-Way Zipper Door

All of our doors have a 3-way zipper that allows the tent to completely close and be sealed from elements when a floor is used.  Our deluxe model comes with a 3-way zippered screen door.

3 ways zipper doors

    6. Reinforced Corners

Sturdy Tent poles
All of our tents have reinforced corners to give added strength and longevity.

    7. Steel Frame with eyebolts

Our galvanized steel frame has couplers with eyebolts.  These eyebolts allow you to tighten your frame along with having places to hang items.
 Tent Poles steel frame with eye bolts
Denver Tent Co. is Denver’s premier tent manufacturer. We manufacture canvas tents, wall tents and any custom tent needed of the highest quality. People can choose from the base models and add custom features or request whatever they may need in a tent, Denver Tent can build it. Over a century of tent and awning construction experience. We are proud to have been around for over 100 years making long lasting and time-tested products.


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