Denver Tents Can Do More Than Just Go Camping

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Colorado Lodge tent makes an excellent classroom

Tents are what you get to sleep and play in after you’re done with your homework, right? Wrong. Tents are for any occasion, and one California family has taken our flagship Colorado canvas wall tent and turned it into a classroom. It’s the perfect cozy back yard classroom for all your homeschooling needs. Your kids will love to learn, when their classroom is a tent.

Homeschooling is a growing trend nationwide

Denver Classroom 2 - Denver Tents Can Do More Than Just Go Camping

More and more families are taking their children’s education into their own hands and really getting involved. But the teaching aspect is just one part of the homeschooling experience. In order to learn, you have to create an environment that will support your children’s learning. Let’s face it; sitting at the kitchen counter or in the living room will bring all sorts of distractions for you and the kids. This California family got creative when it came to their homemade homeschooling classroom.

Homeschooling requires a classroom

Denver Classroom - Denver Tents Can Do More Than Just Go Camping

The Colorado Lodge Tent is the perfect backyard luxury classroom

Most families don’t have an extra room, or two, sitting around to create the perfect learning environment. You probably don’t have the time or the money to add an extra floor or “wing” to your home to create classrooms, so what do you do? This was the perfect answer, and Denver Tent Company was up for the challenge. Instead of cramming into their home, they created a beautiful and fun classroom in our very own Colorado Canvas Lodge Tent!

Denver Tent Company brings luxury with the Colorado Lodge Tent

Colorado State Logo - Denver Tents Can Do More Than Just Go CampingThis tent is uniquely designed to bring luxury and comfort making it the perfect homeschool classroom. It is the perfect combination of a traditional wall tent combined with state of the art materials. With Denver Tent Company’s Lodge Tent, your classroom will be able to stand up to any weather with the WeatherMAX® fabric that is the key to the success of the Lodge Tent. With the Lodge Tent school will always be in sessions. No rainy days where classes are cancelled to leaky roofs or wind blowing in the walls. This tent will outperform any tent on the market. Plus, your kids will love “going to school” when school is held in our super cool Lodge Tent. Now you just have to remember the Pythagorean theorem. Hint: it’s a2+b2=c2!

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