Denver Tent Saluting the American Spirit

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Celebrating the Spirit of America

How important to stop… and remember! We do that on Memorial Day and honor those who have died in the service of our country. We do it again on July 4th and we celebrate everything that makes us a free, independent nation. We celebrate the opportunity to live in a country where you can own a business, where laborers and customers have rights, were clients have a voice that’s heard, where our choices are respected. We celebrate all that we are, and what has Built America!

Denver Tent Company, American Made Since 1890

At Denver Tent Company we have been making our canvas tents, in Denver, since 1890. Always trying to find American made materials and placing you, as the customers first, with the highest quality tents in the market.

In a world of quick fixes and cheap solutions, Denver Tent is proud to be a part of the American tradition of quality products that are made in America, and made to last a lifetime.

The Colorado Custom Wall Tent “Glamping Option” 5 - Denver Tent Saluting the American Spirit

Proud to bring you All American canvas tents made in Colorado

Choosing American made products supports local manufacturers, workers and our precious economy. It also supports more jobs, supports  American workers and their families and helps more homes make a living through honest wages, and guarantees workers with social securities and labor rights.

Many times, the price of cheap foreign solutions is a very expensive compromise to the environment, where little or no regulations promote heavy pollution and use of dangerous materials, that are regulated and prohibited in businesses in America. As American, lets buy national products that are held to the highest standards and ensure equity and rights to all workers:

Buying American means fostering and protecting our independence!

At Denver Tent Company we make American Custom Canvas Tents. We do not exploit workers, pay minors or expect cheap labor for low cost products. We give you the highest quality products while protecting the environment and supporting our economy. If you want to see more of why we’re proudly American, check out our Denver Tent feature in This Built America, where we represent our beloved state of Colorado.


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Photo from This Built America. 
Photo credit: Josh Franer


This Built America

This Built America is a project devoted to the people and companies that are re-imaging and rebuilding American manufacturing. Each week, a new company will be featured from each of our 50 states: a company that is making its product right here in America and keeping our tradition of innovation and quality that we have come to expect from American made products going. This project features the triumphs and struggles of staying on top, while preserving the integrity of your brand. It is about protecting what is great about this country, while continuing to be pioneers in their field.

We are proud of our product, our amazing team, our families, loyal customers, of all who have supported and helped us create a place where people can flourish and grow and be proud of a hard day’s work on a great American product!

Happy Independence Day AMERICA!

Fourth of July - Denver Tent Saluting the American Spirit

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