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Having the perfect tent is the first step to a successful hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, and all outdoor adventures. You need to make sure you have all the right accessories to ensure your trip goes off without a hitch. Even though you are careful when you pack everything up at the end of the trip, sometime a few things get lost, and you need to replace a few vital items before heading out on your next trip, or your last trip turned out to be a little wilder than you expected and your tent took a beating from Mother Nature. Denver Tent Company has all your tent accessory needs to protect and preserve your tent.100 1688 - Denver Tent Has All Your Top Quality Tent Accessories

Tent Stakes

Remember those flimsy tent stakes that would come with your brightly colored tent as a kid? The ones that would rather bend in half, that spear through the earth, leaving your tent weak and floppy? Forget about those stakes. At Denver Tent Company we have top quality stakes to ensure your tent stays standing until you are ready to take it down. Our stakes are made from high carbon steel and will not bend, and should your tent require a wooden stake, we only use the best southern hardwood available.

tear aid - Denver Tent Has All Your Top Quality Tent Accessories

Repairing rips and tears in your tent

As strong and durable as our sportsmen tent are made, sometimes with frequent use, or rough terrain and weather, you’ll get some wear and tear in your tent. For that, every outdoorsman should have a roll of Tear-Aid. We carry two types of Tear-Aid, for quick fixes to rips and tears to all types of fabrics. It’s the perfect item to add to your first aid kit for your tent when you are going to be spending a lot of time out in the wild.

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Protect your tent

If you have a snap in floor for your Colorado Wall Tent or Lodge Tent, then protect your floor from rips and tears and give it longer life by outfitting your tent poles with non-skid cushioned rubber caps that fit over the bottom of the poles. This will ensure even longer life, to an already strong and durable product.

Denver Tent Company

WCO Made - Denver Tent Has All Your Top Quality Tent Accessoriese do not cut corners when it comes to designing and constructing our tents. We use only the best and strongest materials so that you can feel safe using our products, whether you are a professional outdoorsman or a casual camper. Since 1890, we have listened to our customers and continue to improve our product to this day. This is the reason for our continued success and longevity. If you want to explore the great outdoors, stop by Denver Tent Company to get all your tent and tent accessories to make your next adventure a success.

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