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Taking exploration to another level

Dome Covers 2 - Denver Tent Company: To Infinity And Beyond!Where did we come from? Why are we here? And where are we going? Those are questions that we have been asking ourselves since, well, since forever. We have explored every inch of our planet, from the highest mountains, to the deep blue ocean, and we continue to discover new things about ourselves and our planet.
Denver Tent Company has been a part of the tradition of exploring since its beginning in 1890. Making quality tents for the professional explorers to be able to brave extreme environments and weather all while having a safe “home” to return to, wherever they may end up. Now we are proud to extend our service to the far corners of the universe, where no man has been able to go before…sort of.


High Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Gamma Ray Observatory

Gamma Rays - Denver Tent Company: To Infinity And Beyond!

Gamma Rays

We may have been to every nook and cranny of Earth, but astrophysicists are still finding new ways to look deep into the universe to learn how it began, how it got to be the way it is, and how it is going to change through time. In order to do that, astronomers have sought to find new ways to study the universe. One way to do that is to study invisible light, or gamma rays.
Located on the slope of the volcanoes Sierra Negra and Pico De Orizaba in Mexico, this newest observatory, HAWC, currently has 100 active Cherenkov detectors, and many more to come. Through these detectors, we will be able to learn even more about how it all began, and how it will evolve through time. By studying high energy gamma rays, we will hopefully begin to understand some of the most violent events in the universe, such as the collapse of an old star into a black hole or when super massive black holes in the center of the galaxies “swallow” stars and interstellar gas clouds or when dark matter collides with regular matter. It’s all very scientific, not to mention super cool.

HAWC and Denver Tent Company

Dome Covers - Denver Tent Company: To Infinity And Beyond!

Cherenkov gamma ray detektors

So that was a whole lot of scientific information about a new gamma ray observatory. Why am I talking about this in a blog for Denver Tent Company you ask? Because on top of every single one of the 300 Cherenkov detectors, before the gamma rays reaches the pure water pools below and before any camera can detect and gather data, these high energy cosmic rays need to pass through our custom made Bond Cote TEMPER Tent dome covers. That’s right; our little Denver based company was commissioned to help protect these detectors from the environment and the weather that they will have to endure. Bond Cote is military grade fabric, specifically designed to withstand the harshest environment. It  is unparalleled when it comes to being able to stand up to extreme weather. The Tent, Extendable Modular Personnel (TEMPER) design, is to ensure that these domes are flexible and can extend to fit multiple surfaces. Each dome cover spans 24ft in diameter and 5ft in height.

Custom Made Fabrics

bigstock Vintage american flag grunge b 44291689 - Denver Tent Company: To Infinity And Beyond!From the casual camper to the extreme outdoorsman, and now, to the astrophysicists, Denver Tent Company has the skills, materials and knowhow to make any type of fabric and turn it into exactly what you need to keep you warm and cozy in any environment. Call us today to see how we can help your next great adventure, or take a look at the long list of sportsmen tents and tipis that we have in our inventory. When it comes to the great outdoors, you will want a Denver Tent Company product at your side. And, the HAWC Gamma Ray Observatory may be located in Mexico but these dome covers, and all our fabric, are produced right here in the US of A.

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