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The latest camping trends

There’s a new trend going around. At least, it’s new to me. While trolling the internet for camping ideas, I stumbled upon something called “Stealth Camping”. This new phenomenon is a way for the urban dweller to get out of the concrete jungle for a night, and sleep under the stars. This is like action-adventure camping. If you’re already humming the Mission Impossible theme song, then you are way ahead of the game. If you are up for a little adventure, a “dare” if you will, then stealth camping is right up your alley, and the Denver Tent Company has just the tent you need to complete your mission…should you chose to accept it.colorado tent with window - Denver Tent Company Has All Your Stealth Camping Equipment

This blog will self-destruct in 5….4….3….

Simply put, stealth camping is camping anywhere outside of designated camping grounds, pitching your tent, spending the night, and leaving undetected. That being said, I need to stress the following: I am not advocating breaking any laws, trespassing on private property or being reckless in any way. This means that not only should you leave your site unnoticed, but the area in which you set up camp should look exactly as you found it. Just because you are living on the edge doesn’t mean you can ignore the basic “camping without a trace” rules.
bigstock cascades in the Smoky Mountain 46986211 - Denver Tent Company Has All Your Stealth Camping Equipment

Must have “gadgets” for the stealth camper

range tent pole set - Denver Tent Company Has All Your Stealth Camping EquipmentThe best thing is obviously a light weight, easy to pack tent that you can pitch and pack in no time at all. Just like any secret agent, you need to move about in the shadows and blend with your environment. Denver Tent Company has a number of small Sportsmen’s Tents for just such an occasion. Our Colorado Range Tent comes as small as an 6’x8’ and is great if your stealth camping spot is in a high wind area. This tent is easy to set up and (fairly) lightweight. It is perfect if you are two or more people on this “mission”. If you are camping solo, you’ll probably want to go for the Colorado Range Tent. The great thing about this tent is that it comes with two different ways to set up: using the poles, or simply finding an overhanging branch to hold up the tent. This canvas tent is perfect for the stealth camper, and will also protect you from the ever changing Colorado weather.

Denver Tent Company

Whatever equipment you need for your next camping adventure, stealth or otherwise, Denver Tent Company has high quality, durable canvas tents for any occasion. We also have our very own team of sewers and constructionist, so if you need something that we don’t already have in our inventory, or you have specific requirements regarding shape, size or fabric, don’t hesitate to call us. We can custom make anything to your satisfaction. See you in the great outdoors!
Colorado Tent by River - Denver Tent Company Has All Your Stealth Camping Equipment

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