Considerations When Buying a New Camping Tent

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Important Things to Look for in a Camping Tent

If you are thinking of choosing a tent as a Christmas gift, we believe that there are some important things you should follow to ensure your money is spent wisely, and the receiver will be satisfied.

Tent Materials

dsc 0456 2 300x200 - Considerations When Buying a New Camping TentA tent made of canvas is waterproof but becomes very heavy when the water is absorbed. It is long lasting though and doesn’t deteriorate as much as other materials like nylon.

Nylon and Polyester are waterproof materials as well, but sunlight will take a toll on them over time. Also, inspect the tent seams to make sure they have been sealed properly to ensure it is waterproof.


Whenever in the wild, the last thing you want is to spend hours setting up your tent. So, always opt for a tent that is easy to set up, and that you can do it by yourself if necessary.


lodge tent 58 300x200 - Considerations When Buying a New Camping TentAverage tent sizes are usually measured in ‘‘men’’. For example, two-man, four-man, twelve-man and so on. That will show you how many individuals can fit in the tent. The main idea is to have enough room for people and gear as well. All in all, more room means more space to do indoor activities without people falling over one another.


Proper ventilation is critical in a tent. Inspect the design and determine if the air flow is going to be a problem in colder temperatures. If it is, jump to the next size tent.

Rain Fly

Also known as the roof fly, this essential component of a tent keeps it dry. This separate sheet of waterproofed fabric covers the main tent body, protecting it not only against rain and snow but the wind. Plus, it regulates ventilation, and subsequently, the warmth. The main idea is that the rain fly should adequately cover the tent completely.

Ready to Invest in a New Tent for the Holiday Season?

denver tent logo green 300x100 - Considerations When Buying a New Camping TentWhen you decide on a specific tent, visit Denver Tent’s website. We have the best canvas tents in the area from a customized wall tent to a customized hunting tent, to a custom canvas wall tent or Sportsmen Tents, all made in Colorado.

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