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Courteous Manners You can Adopt While Camping

Do not forget that you are the visitor in the place, show courtesy for other visitors and owners of the campground, walk in silence maximizing the feeling of being in nature. Show respect in the use of public facilities for recreation and share your experience and knowledge.

Here’s How to be a Kind Camper with a Mentality of “Leave no Trace”!

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Don’t walk through others space, try to walk around it. Be careful when and where to shine your flashlight—it could be a surprise to other campers. Another kind gesture is to leave leftover firewood for the next campers.

Show Respect

Greet other campers whenever you see people that belong to your “camping community”.  Of course, this is the best moment to help others.

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Especially from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. because these are sleepy, quiet hours on campgrounds, probably most campers are sleeping and there might be babies sleeping too.

Try to Keep Technology use Only for Emergencies

Try not to use your cell phone or keep it at a low volume. You don’t want to hear the noise of a  phone while camping. You should be connecting with nature and hear “the sounds of silence” instead of the internet.

Clean up all Waste

Keep your campsite clean. Put all your litter in garbage cans if there are any, if not,  keep it all in a safe container with a lid to take it with you when you go home.

Take Care of the Environment

Recycle, re-use and reduce! Remember: “Take only pictures, leave only footprints.”

Dispose of Human Waste Adequately

Dig a cathole away from water sources and far from the site if there are no facilities in the place.

Follow Rules about Petsman 1181873 300x199 - Be Considerate with Other Campers

Maybe you like dogs, but many people don’t. So follow the campground’s rules about pets. Use the leash and don’t leave pets unattended.

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