Colorado's Purple Mountains' Majesties

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America The Beautiful

Get your purple mountains majesties one last time before the snow falls, making it impossible to climb the steep ridges to get to the views of the Rockies that boast a blanket of awe inspiring purple light across the mountain tops and deep vistas.

outdoor gear - Colorado's Purple Mountains' Majesties

It wasn’t just artistic liberties that created the lyrics “purple mountains majesties” in the peom “America the Beautiful”. If you are lucky enough to live near the Rocky Mountains, more specifically, Estes Park, Colorado, then you may have already been one of the many who have chased the “purple” while driving Trail Ridge road through the Rocky Mountains. It is on Trail Ridge Road that you get 11 miles above the tree line at an elevation of 11,500 feet and offers a commanding view of 415 square miles of Rocky Mountain National Park.

In order to catch the light just right, you need to be patient. Many have thought that the purple is just an interpretation by the author Katharine Lee Bates, and maybe it doesn’t really exist, but if you ask around, people who work near the ridge will tell you that with a little luck and a lot of patience, you will be able to see the purple mountains majesties that have become a world wide trademark of America.

Colorado Tent by River - Colorado's Purple Mountains' Majesties

Kick into four wheel drive, pack up some warm clothes, because it will be cold a top the mountain, bring a camera and from around 6:30pm and thereafter, snake your way around the trail and hit every view point that you come to and just watch the light. It’s there, and it’s amazing.

NPS Photo by Patrick Myers Great Sand Dunes Park - Colorado's Purple Mountains' Majesties

NPS Photo by Patrick Myers

When heading out into the wild to explore and see the wonders of the world, whether it’s purple mountain majesties or  amber waves of grain look to the best tents and camping equipment in the business from Denver Tent Company. Our sportsmen tents are designed and constructed right here in America from the best materials we can find. We know how important it is to have trustworthy equipment that can with stand any weather and keep you and your family safe and warm from sea to shining sea.

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