Coachella Summer Festival is Here!

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Packing for Music Festivals: Tents

best tent ever for your next Coachella experience

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Aside from grabbing all of the essentials for a cool camping experience, such as a Bike Light, Tek Towel, Bathroom bag (with a hook), headphones and much more, you need the best tent ever for your next Coachella experience!

How to Survive Coachella?

The most popular way to survive Coachella is to camp under a high-quality tent. Lush, beautiful grass fields adjacent to the festival performance area accommodate all inside camp areas. So, get yourself the best custom tent to enjoy your favorite music event!

Coachella Quick History

The Coachella Valley, Music & Arts Festival is a music & arts festival held every year at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California. Founded by Paul Tollett in 1999, the event offers art installations and sculptures. The festival is also a great opportunity to discover amazing music artists from diverse genres of music, from hip-hop, rock, to indie and electronic dance music. During the festival, across the grounds, unique stages continuously host live music. The principal stages are Coachella Stage, Gobi Tent, Mojave Tent, Outdoor Theatre, the Sahara Tent, and the last stage, Yuma, introduced in 2013.

best tent ever for your next Coachella experience

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Why Should You Get a Tent from Denver Tent Company?The Best Canvas Tents for Your Summer Music Events

Simply because Denver Tent Co.’s been sewing canvas for 125 years and they are made in America.

The Best Canvas Tents for Your Summer Music Events

We have the best canvas tents, and they are perfect for all your favorite events, easy to carry, set-up, and take down, so it won’t take much time getting ready and more time enjoying your camping trip adventures. If you are accommodating lots of friends during the event, you will need extra space. So, we strongly recommend you to try our Colorado Range Tent.

Call us today or stop by the warehouse and see how we can enhance your next music festival experience. Pitch a tent, grab your best concert outfit and get ready to listen to the best music.

This Built America

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Stay tuned to learn more about amazing upcoming events that Denver Tents can outfit you for!

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