Clothing for Mountain Biking in Winter

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Enjoy Biking in the Cold

In the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, there are many beautiful places to camp. As well as many sports and activities for participation. One of those enjoyed is mountain biking. Proper clothing is crucial if you are going to enjoy biking in the winter season.

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1) Dress with three layers to fight the cold. Winter sports require protection from the cold, and it is best to dress in layers for comfort. By pedaling, you generate heat. By protecting yourselves with several layers, you seek to create a microclimate, which allows you to maintain body heat.

2) The garments must keep you dry inside and out. Being wet with sweat or rain multiplies the sensation of cold.

3) The first layer of clothes is to maintain your body heat. It would be like a second skin. A technical and thermal t-shirt will evacuate sweat while keeping you warm. The material must be of synthetic fibers or merino wool.

4) The second layer is for intermediate protection, shelter, or insulation. You must evacuate sweat, but also retain heat from the body. It can be a long-sleeved and thick jersey.

5) The third layer must completely isolate you from the cold, rain, and wind. It can be a waterproof membrane jacket, softshell fabric, or windbreaker.

6) Other accessories needed are gloves and unique socks for the cold, neoprene or special winter boots, helmets with protective housings, protection for the neck, head, and ears. You should always wear sunglasses.oyster lodge colorado lodge 04985173d s 300x300 - Clothing for Mountain Biking in Winter

Camping in the winter is a great experience, and it will allow you to enjoy your favorite sport.  The cold winter should not be an obstacle to enjoying mountain biking.

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